A More Perfect Union Project

It is not about Republicans or Democrats, Liberals or Conservatives, Color, Creed or Religion but instead it is about the Clear and Simple Foundation Established By Us and For Us to Have 
A More Perfect Union.

Justice ~ Tranquility ~ Defence ~ Welfare ~ Liberty


A More Perfect Union Project

Join us in a demonstration of unity and solidarity to demand a return to the simple truths of our founding principles by coming together to prove that we can't be deceived or divided anymore. 
Our foundational truths as written by our founding fathers are clear and unifying.
Click Below Read The Preamble Of the Constitution

The A More Perfect Union Project aims to gather 50,000 people for a march in Washington DC.


We are looking for organizers and participants willing to begin the movement in their home state as we collectively create awareness ahead of the gathering in the capital.

Join Us In Demanding the Principles of the Preamble.

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