Oct 18, 2018

And then there were 20


It has been a long process but the patience has begun to pay off and we now announce that out of over 250 applicants we have identified our finalists candidates for the first session of the Heroes to Healthcare VIP.


We knew this wasn't going to be easy from the start.  Just read the University of Washington study in order to gain perspective on the HUGE paradigm shift we are creating in an industry that is historically very slow and very resistant to change.  But WE persevere and your patience is paying off.


This required immense coordination and timing as we attempt to bridge the VA, DOD, DOL, candidates, and multiple employers with many jobs in pursuit of meaningful employment for our healthcare experienced veterans.  If it was easy this national crisis would have been solved long ago.  Our hope is that once we get it done this first time, it will be much smoother for future cohorts.


On to GREATER things ahead! I look forward to meeting everyone at our in person event!


New Posts
  • Hello everyone I'm really excited to be part of this program. I can't wait to meet fellow corpsman and Army medics.
  • Hey Everyone, super excited to meet all of you at our in person event. I know all of us are coming with great "Sea Stories" to share and it will be even more refreshing to jump back with a bunch of salty medics who can shoot it straight, but also get down to bid-nass! I wish everyone the best of luck at your individual interview and hope we are all celebrating our new employment soon!
  • I am thrilled to be a part of this program, looking forward to the journey!

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