Concentra and Valor partner with the ImpowerQ to Employ More Veterans

by by Will Maddox|

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Concentra and Valor Healthcare are joining a initiative to address underemployed veterans who leave the service and have experience in healthcare. Nearly 11,000 veterans transition out of the military with healthcare experience each year.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s program, Heroes to Healthcare, provides training, healthcare credentialing, and professional and personal skill development to veterans. The apprenticeship models focuses developing careers in healthcare administration, as a medical assistant, pharmacy technician, and cybersecurity.

ImpowerQ Associates, a healthcare organizational advisory services company, created started Heroes to Healthcare on veterans day last year to take on the challenge of underemployed veterans who have experience in the healthcare field. Unemployment for veterans without a degree are between 34-55 percent within two years of separation, according to ImpowerQ co-founder Dave Gregorio. When they leave the service, 63 percent of veterans have an associates degree or less, and without any additional certifications, it can be difficult for these veterans to get an interview, much less a job, Gregorio says.

“Heroes to Healthcare is the only program approved by the VA and DOL specifically focused on this cohort that provides hope for meaningful employment in healthcare without requiring them to go back to school and get a degree,” Gregorio said via email.

ImpowerQ developed programs for the veterans to learn via an apprenticeship model in the healthcare industry. On Veterans Day of this year, Concentra and Valor announced that they will be looking to fill open positions with the veterans that were trained through the Heroes to Healthcare apprenticeship programs.

Concentra is a healthcare provider for occupational medicine, urgent care, physical therapy, and wellness services in 520 medical centers in 44 states. Valor is a subsidiary of Concentra that operates in 30 VA community-based outpatient clinics, providing a full range of medical services to veterans.

Keith Newton, Concentra’s president and chief executive officer, said via release, “Concentra is honored to participate in the Heroes to Healthcare program, and we are excited to partner with ImPowerQ on this important initiative, which will not only support our veterans but also enable the delivery of best-in-class medical care to America’s workforce.”

“National Apprenticeship Week provides an opportunity to spotlight how apprenticeships can help Americans learn the skills they need for success in today’s workplace. By increasing the number of apprenticeships, more Americans will be on the path to family-sustaining jobs,” said Labor Secretary Acosta via release.

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