Heroes to Healthcare Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week

Dallas TX: In recognition of National Apprenticeship week ImPowerQ Associates recognized Employers, Associations and Government Officials that have been instrumental in supporting the Heroes to Healthcare mission in 2018.

Events included senior executives from Ally Employers Concentra, Valor Healthcare and Methodist Health as well as recognition of MN Hospital Association, NV Hospital Association, American Hospital Association, California Hospital Association, The CA Department of Consumer Affairs, The MN Department of Labor and Industry and the Deputy Secretary of Workforce Development for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

ImPowerQ's Heroes to Healthcare mission would not be able to provide the hope that it is now able to provide to the thousands of underemployed healthcare experienced middle enlisted veterans if not for our Ally Employers supporting the mission by hiring our Veteran Apprentices. A special thank you to Concentra and Valor Healthcare for announcing on Veterans day during National Apprenticeship Week, their commitment to joining the mission in 2019 and filling their open positions through the Heroes to Healthcare Apprenticeship model.

“Expanding apprenticeships across all industries is a priority for the Trump Administration. Since the President signed his Executive Order Expanding Apprenticeships in America, we’ve seen significant interest in apprenticeship programs across a range of industries,” said DOL Secretary Acosta. “National Apprenticeship Week provides an opportunity to put a spotlight on how apprenticeships can help Americans learn the skills they need for success in today’s workplace. By increasing the number of apprenticeships, more Americans will be on the path to family-sustaining jobs.”

"And thanks to great companies like Concentra and Valor Healthcare joining the Heroes to Healthcare mission more of America's finest will be on a path to much desired meaningful employment," said Dave Gregorio, cofounder of Heroes to Healthcare

Look for addition information and images located at heroestohealthcare.com/whatsnew

Pictured left to right: Concetra and Valor Healthcare leadership, PA Deputy Secretary for Workforce Development, CEO Methodist Health

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