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Healthcare career tracks exist for veterans that have served at E4 or above in a healthcare role and fulfill acceptance criteria.  Participants will be expected to successfully complete a well-rounded paid two year US Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship program consisting of accelerated training in a blended strategy of instruction and on the job learning.   Veteran participants may also qualify to receive GI Bill® monthly housing allowance during the apprentice period. 

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Validated by Nationally Recognized certifying institutions such as the AAPC for the credentials that employers desire. Upon Successful completion of the accelerated learning, the participant will be eligible to obtain industry-leading credentials such as CPPM, CCMA, CPhT or NCT, therefore, positioning our veterans to be well equipped to qualify for meaningful employment as healthcare industry professionals in Acute, Ambulatory and Physician Services environments throughout the country.




Expenses associated with your training will be paid for by the H2H mission.  Successful completion of the program will include completion of all required assignments, attendance in all scheduled sessions, passing exams, participating in project teams, successful project delivery, and high performer ranking on the job assessment ratings.

 Key to success will be mastery and demonstrated application of knowledge learned but most important will be demonstrating a high degree of integrity, teamwork, ambition, and interest in learning. 

 This really is an amazing opportunity that actually does exist and has served many healthcare experienced veterans before you.  


For that veteran that is questioning if this is a scam and/or if they could possibly qualify....

please believe in it AND most importantly believe in yourself.  Contact us before you deny yourself of an opportunity.  Spread the word...this is real and you deserve it.


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